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Things to Do in Sri Lanka

You will be never short of doing something in Sri Lanka. Within an area of 65,610 square kilometers, the diversity of activities you can do in Sri Lanka is innumerable. As Marco Polo once said truly a Land like no other. Wherever you go you will be able to reach incredible golden beaches, ancient cities, cultural sites, Wildlife parks, beautiful waterfalls, untouched rain forests, rolling hill country with tea plantations and botanical gardens are some of the must see places of this paradise island. For easy use we have categorised some of the activities you can do in Sri Lanka.

Sports & Adventure activities

People of Sri Lanka love sports and adventure activities. The favorite sports are Cricket and Rugby. Many sports clubs offer temporally memberships for foreign visitors. You can do many different sports activities in Sri Lanka such as Playing Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Mountain Biking, Rowing, Swimming, Fishing, Surfing, Scuba Diving and River rafting. To read more about adventure tourism please click hear.

Wildlife Safaris and Elephant watching

Sri Lanka is the best place to do wild life safaris, Some of the wild life parks in Sri Lanka is treated as the best places to watch leopards. Watch wild elephants and semi wild elephants in places like Pinnawala Elephant orphanage.

Bird Watching

Sri Lanka is a paradise for Bird watching. There are about 25 endemic birds and many migrant bird specises in places like Bundala, Kumana, Wilpathu, Sinharaja, Udawatha Kale and Bellanwila Santuaries.

Ayurveda Treatments

Take treatments form Ayurvedic medicines which is practiced by Sinhalese for thousands of years. Take a head or a face massage, treat your body with herbal oils which are made out of Flowers, Leaves, Barks and Seeds of herbal plants.

Relaxing on Beaches

The long stretched deserted golden beaches of Sri Lanka are ideal for relaxing. The glistening clear waters will guarantees year around water sports, Swimming and Sunbathing..

Visit ancient cities and cultural sites

Sri Lanka is never short of beautiful ancient cities with beautiful rock carvings, ston statures, stone pliers, huge rock statures, and dagabs. This small island is home to five UNESCO world heritage sites. Among them Sigiriya the one which is treated as the 8th wonder of the world.

Wedding and Honeymoons

Sri Lanka is the best place for getting married with your loving partner. Arrange your wedding as a traditional Sinhalese wedding. Choose a beautiful romantic beach or a cool misty hill resort as your honeymoon destination.


Sri Lanka has great camping sites in different parts of the island. You will be able to get the best wild life camping experience in Sri Lanka.


Trek through the best Sri Lanka nature trails. Get the world best trekking Experience in Sri Lanka.






Things to do in sri lanka